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Glow Worm Boiler Service by Boiler Service Bromsgrove

The only individuals who are legally authorised to work with gas safety technicians are gas secure technicians. The pilot flame on any gas boiler, not just glow-worm boilers, should burn blue. Thanks to a boiler service, the engineer will ensure the efficient running of the system to help keep bills to a minimum.

Boiler Service Which Is Boiler Service Bromsgrove Provided

It's even more essential for an elderly glow-worm boiler, as things wear and break down unless serviced. During a professional boiler service, the safety and efficiency of the boiler will be checked and tested; helping to protect your home and keep your heating bills as low as possible.

You should not hesitate to contact the gas-safe engineer or gas emergency line on 01527 337064, if you suspect carbon-monoxide leaking from your boiler.

Repair & Care Solutions In Bromsgrove

You can choose a 6-month repair and care plan to help look after your glow-worm boiler longer. With repair & care, maintenance controls will be made to ensure you keep your glow-worm boiler in excellent working order during your original repairs. If you can smell gas coming from your boiler, we recommend you call the national grid, before calling our gas safe engineers for glow worm boiler repair advice.

Where you are the landlord, homeowner or property manager, you are called to 01527 337064 for data and advise and have a gas Boiler, which will require a boiler breakdown repair, remediation, service or gas security check/certification. Protect you, your family or your tenants, whilst prolonging the life of your gas appliances by booking a gas safe registered engineer to repair or service your glow worm boiler today!

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